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Tour and Giveaway - Hostage to Love

Hostage to Love
by Maya Blake
Entangled Publishing July 2013
Title: Hostage to Love
Author:  Maya Blake
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Release Date:  July 2013
Imprint:  Suspense

Hostage to Love BCC:
*On an idyllic Greek island, danger surfaces...and passion re-ignites.*

During a charity mission to a war-torn African country, Belle Jones is kidnapped by the vicious rebel leader determined to make her his. Belle’s estranged husband, Greek billionaire Nick Andreakos, stages a daring rescue, saving her from the horror.

To hide her from the obsessed kidnapper—-and to repair their broken relationship—-Nick whisks Belle away to his private island paradise. But she still won’t put up with his controlling ways...even if she’s still defenseless against their scorching-hot chemistry. With the brutal killer hot on their heels, Nick knows he must earn Belle’s trust again—-and *fast*. Even if it means risking everything. And losing his heart forever. 

Maya Blake’s Bio:

Maya Blake's dreams of becoming a romance author began when she picked up her first romance novel at age thirteen. She eventually realised this dream in 2007 when her first romantic suspense was published. Maya lives in Kent, Southeastern England, with her husband and two kids and an endless supply of romance novels. 

My Rating: 4/5 Cogs

My Review:

This is a book that refuses to be put down.  The hero and heroine are both very well developed, but what surprised me the most is that the villain is also extremely well developed.  It's been some time since I've read a suspenseful romance where the villain was as well developed as was in this novel.  I swear, it was as if you could feel the crazy radiating off of him!  I really loved this aspect of the book, and it made the fear seem even more realistic.

Nick and Belle are a dynamic couple, but Belle just feels as if she's become a mere piece of property to her husband.  She wants love and children, which is not something that Nick is willing to give.  When they finally sat down to discuss their relationship and themselves, I could see why Nick didn't want children, but at the same time, I didn't feel that it was nearly as good of an excuse as he did.  I suppose I sided with Belle quite a bit, because she seemed to feel the same way as I did. ;)

I had a great time with this book, it's a fun and quick read with danger and being reunited with the person you love!  I recommend it for anyone that loves their suspense-filled romances!


She didn’t believe him.

Nick whirled away, fists clenched so hard his knuckles protested.

“Where are you going?” Her voice, shaky but defiant, stopped him.

“Do you care?” He looked toward the beach, contemplating a hard run on the packed sand. Or maybe inside, in his gym. Right now he’d give anything to go a few rounds with his punching bag.

“Of course I care! You stopped me from walking away just now, and now you’re doing the same?”

“I think our conversation has reached its natural conclusion. If it hasn’t, it needs to, or we can throw any hope of this truce continuing out the window.” 

“You’re upset with me, because I told you my feelings? That I didn’t immediately take your word as gospel?”

“I’m frustrated in more ways than one, but yes, I’m man enough to admit it’s more sexual frustration than anything else right now. And as much as you claim not to, I know you want me just as much. So unless you want this to end with us both horizontal on this terrace, I think it’s a good idea you stay away from me.” 

He walked to the terrace steps, away from the need to snatch her back into his arms and make her believe him. He shucked off his shoes at the bottom of the steps and strode barefoot onto the grass. Half a minute later, he’d gained the beach.

The cool crunch of the fine grains of sand momentarily slowed him down. At the water’s edge, he stopped, breathed in deep, his restless gaze taking in the wide, calm expanse of the sea and the large sphere of the moon suspended over it.

She didn’t believe him.

He didn’t know why the knowledge devastated him. Was it because at the back of his mind, he’d expected once he’d told her she’d never strayed from his mind for more than a second, she’d fall into his arms and everything would be fine between them again? He hadn’t let himself think she’d dismiss his words so summarily. Well, more fool him.

He raked both hands through his hair, frustration and arousal biting through him in equal measures. The very fact that the blow Belle had dealt him just now hadn’t cooled his raging hard-on told him he had it bad.

But they couldn’t carry on like this forever. And he sure as hell wasn’t prepared to let her go. She could forget her ridiculous talk of divorce. She hadn’t sought one in the six months since she’d walked out, and he was damned if he’d let her start divorce proceedings now. 

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