Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: She Lies Twisted

She Lies Twisted
By:  CM Stunich

Rating: 4/5 Cogs


"Pain would bind us together tighter than any cord; death had made us equals, the harpies had made us partners, but pain, pain would make us friends forever."

I was born wrapped in death.

I was bathed in it.

It had always been a part of my life whether I liked it or not. I just didn't expect it to come for me so soon.

Or to be so disappointed to live through it.

I remember falling, like Alice down the rabbit hole, and then I met the boy with stitches in his face. The boy that would show me harpies, demons, souls. The boy that would help me fight my once dead sister. The boy who would restore my belief in friendship and give me the will to live.


This book made me feel like I was seventeen again.  Tatem reminds me so much of myself when I was a teenager that it was nearly impossible not to relate to her.  Also, like Tatem, I have lost my sister, so this story ended up being a very unusual and interesting look into my own life.
There was a great chunk of the story where I was fairly confused, but things were gradually worked out to where I could understand what was going on.  I've always had a thing for reaper books, and this was no exception.  I found the dynamic between herself and her twin the most interesting part of it all.  When family dies, it seems like all hell can break loose, causing drama from their life that you never really knew existed.  I've experienced this with the death of my sister, so the way this was written (even though my sister obviously has never come back from the grave) was eye opening for me.  It helped show me that what I am experiencing with my sister's death is not abnormal.  Perhaps I'm looking deeper into the story than intended, but I found hope in Tatem.  She was able to overcome death as well as accept it.  She's able to move on, which is something so many of us have problems doing.  Her inner strength is completely beautiful to me.  

Okay, enough of my tangent!

This is a quick read that can show you not only death, but acceptance.  It's fairly dark, but I'd still recommend it to readers of YA. 

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