Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: DeadBorn

by CM Stunich

Rating: 4/5 Cogs


“In a few days, days, the whole world will fall to the undead. It's inevitable.”

I'm being chased by the DeadBorn and everything's gone chaotic.

Just last night I was playing baseball in the park. Now, hordes of undead swarm the streets, roused by a magic that's raging out of control, drawing the lifeless from their graves and luring demons from a different world. And they're all after the one person that I care about: my girlfriend, Holly. She's being chased by a necromancer who won't stop until she finds her. Not even if it means bathing the world in a wash of blood.

The DeadBorn are almost impossible to kill. A simple head shot won't do the trick. We have to break them into pieces, smash them until they're nothing. And those are just the lopers. There are other DeadBorn, too, ones with fire in their faces, some that spew acid, and then there are the ones that can take down helicopters.

We'd already be dead if it weren't for Holly's dreams. She says she knows what to do, and I think we're just going to have to trust her because there's no time for anything else. We can't run; we can't even hide.

The necromancer knows where we are, and the legion is coming.


Wow!  From the first few chapters on this book is nonstop action, which I suppose isn't much of a surprise with any book involves zombies.  Still, the action in this book was unlike most other zombie books I've read in the past.  There was a lot more going on than just a simple reanimation of the dead.  There's DeadBorn that spit magma, ones that spit acid, there's skeletons with no ligaments left to even hold their bones together, there's ones that fly like angels, there's mummies... There's really a little bit of everything in this book.  It truly puts another spin on a simple "End of the World" story.  

Holly is a total badass and I loved her as a character.  She was able to face a legion of demons and zombies while keeping a strong face - hardly showing much fear.  The same could not be said of Galen, the main character, who happens to be Holly's boyfriend.  Although in the end he's a stronger man, he starts out fairly weak.  I normally dislike a weak main character, but it does bring in some more realistic qualities.  So many zombie novels have these super strong badass leads, but how many people would actually react that way?  Personally?  I'd be freakin' terrified.  All the same, I couldn't help but think that the story may have been better told if Holly was the lead.  This is mostly because I would have love to have some insight into Holly's dreams and thought process while she she was making these hard decisions to try to keep the group alive.

This is definitely a fun book.  It's a bit different than other books I've read by this author, but still a great time!

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