Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Savannah's Story

Savannah's Story
By: Jodi Brooks Stone

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October 11, 2012

All Savannah wants is for someone to play with her. When she asks her older sisters to play, they both turn her down. It's at that very moment when Savannah makes a wish that leads her on a magical journey...one that will lead her on a trip through her favorite dollhouse and floating on a cloud of bubbles. Follow along with Savannah as she realizes the true meaning of friendship and family.

A really cute story in the lesson of family. Savannah magically is lifted into her dollhouse after no one wants to play with her. After playing for so long she starts to miss her family and feels that there is nothing like family by your side. I am in love with Jodi Stone's books. My kids love them so much. I find them reading them all the time. I am so grateful for her creativeness to reach my children the way they do. When they read the stories, their eyes light up. So a huge thank you Jodi!       

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