Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Easter Bonnet For Lily

An Easter Bonnet For Lily
By: Jodi Brooks Stone

February 28, 2013

   Easter Bunny in training, Lily, has lost her way. She is cute and feisty, and everyone in the town of Tulip adores her. While most bunnies are planning for Easter, Lily cannot see past her ears. On the other side of town, three little girls are preparing for the big day as well. One little girl in particular, Savannah, is not as excited as she usually is. While her sisters are painting eggs and preparing for the big egg hunt, Savannah is concerned that her attire is not as fancy as it should be. Join Lily and Savannah as they both learn that Easter is not just about looking perfect, but more about family and friendship. Travel on this journey and discover the magic.

   I read this to my kids the other night and have found that they have been reading it every night to each other. Its such a beautiful story. My oldest is loving the "follow your dreams" quote. She has been creatively brainstorming ever since and drawing. She wants to write books too. And reading this book made her realize she can do it too. Also the fact I see my kids helping each other more seems to feel like they hit the lesson beautifully.       

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