Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Friend-Zoned

By:  Belle Aurora

Rating: 5 Cogs


Nikolai Leokov never thought he'd fall in love with the only girl he's ever befriended.

Valentina Tomic has issues with commitment after the ultimate betrayal.

When Tina decides to make broody Nik's day better, she never thought she would end up friends with the hard man.

Nik has never had a woman be so affectionate to him without expecting something in return.

Nik and Tina cordially invite you to read Friend-zoned.

A story of friendship, humour and love.


Maybe I'm just a sucker for a friends to lovers romance, but this book seems nearly impossible not to love.  Nik and Tina make such an unlikely set of friends, and their love builds slowly and sweetly.  This book had a little bit of everything - action, humour, love, and plenty of excitement of all kinds.  I was up all night reading this book, and I didn't regret it for one minute.

Tina's character was heartbreaking.  I can't even begin to talk about how much strength and perseverance is bottled up in just this one character.  I couldn't help but shed a tear or two while reading about her history.  She's riddled with loss and pain, but she hid it from all prying eyes.  The best (or worst) part of it all, is that her pain was so real.  It wasn't just drama llama crap, it was truly a truly heartbreaking occurrence that was completely believable, and could happen to anyone in the matter of a few seconds.

Honestly?  This is the first book I've ever felt bad for waiting to find on sale.  Had I known the wonder and awesomeness that was between these pages, I would have quickly paid full price without a second thought.

If you read any form of romance, this book is for you.  This book will grab your heartstrings and take you for a fun and thrilling ride.

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