Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review of Hometown Girls: Reunion By Tressa Messeger

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                                              Author : Tressa Messenger
                                             Amazon:  http://tinyurl.com/lr8tu34
                                                   B&N:   http://tinyurl.com/lnna733


Marissa left town as soon as high school ended, carrying with her deep dark secrets that she never intended to divulge, but once she went back home after twenty years for her high school reunion she knew that was exactly where she wanted to be. Once back in her home town in North Carolina it all comes rushing back to her, both good and bad, even the uncontrollable desire for her first love, who happened to be her best friend’s husband.
Marissa and her three best friends could never have imagined the events that would take place once these once inseparable County girls are back together again or the fun nights that are sure to come.

This story follows a group of 4 friends starting at their high school reunion. I couldn't get enough of this book. One thing I loved is that not a single one of the characters was perfect. They all had issues and downfalls just like all of us do. It also shows what some people go through to make their friends happy And that even if it is 20 years later than what you thought  it would be it is never to late to find your true happiness or your true self.


Hi, my name is Tressa Messenger and I am a seasoned health care professional in Polysomnography as well as an author. I have 7 indie books published as well as 3 books published through Limitless Publishing; a paranormal romance series (Protector, Protect Me, Protect Us), a murder mystery series(Too Close To Home and I'll See You Soon) and an epic love story (This I Promise You) and a contemporary series( Hometown Girls: Reunion and Hometown Girls: Beginnings). All of my books can be found at amazon.com or any electronic book site. I live outside of New Orleans, LA with my amazing husband and daughter. You can follow Tressa on Facebook , Twitter and Website .

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