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                               Title: Shifting Fates (Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance Book One)
                                           Authors: Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko        
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What happens when a soldier falls in love with the shifter he’s been sent to kill?

In post-nuclear Manhattan, there are two kinds of survivors: humans and shifters.

After his older brother Ben was killed by shifters, Cage followed in Ben’s footsteps and joined the military. His job is simple: protect the surviving civilians in the wreckage of Manhattan and put down the dangerous shifter mutants prowling the streets. Bitter with revenge, he can’t wait for a chance to get even with the monsters who killed his brother.

Half-wolf, half-human Bindi is one of Cage’s monsters. She lives underground, hiding away from military patrols and protecting the ragtag pack of shifter children who have come to depend on her. She’d do anything to get out of the city and get her pack to safety, but nobody gets in - or out - of this city.

On Christmas Eve, Cage catches Bindi –in human form - stealing extra rations for her pack. In a moment of pity he lets her go, but not without being struck by a sense that there’s something special about her. Something… different.

*** a Shifter Romance Series that will pull at your heartstrings ***
When he finally discovers her secret, Cage must decide what’s more important to him – finally avenging his brother, or saving the woman he’s come to love. And Bindi will learn a lesson about humanity...and about love.


The guard takes a step back, still holding my arm with one hand as he looks down at the stolen packages. He is vulnerable, his body open.

There. It’s time. He knows. Break his arm first, take his gun, kill him, and run.

The thoughts run through my mind, a carefully planned scenario that I’ve never had to actually act out. My pulse quickens, my skin tight over my limbs. I’m ready to shift into my wolf form if I need to.

Looking up at him, though, I can’t bring myself to raise my arm, to snap his elbow. Instead I pull back and break his hold with a twist of my arm, leaping away from him and bending to snatch my cane up from the ground. I am crouched, ready to run, when I look up and see his eyes.

They’re light brown, flecked with gold, and even in the dim light they shimmer and glow. Something in them draws me close, makes me want to go back to him, to lean forward and see who he is, who he really is, under the soldier’s uniform. His face is mesmerizing, and I breathe quickly, trying to will myself into action. Kill or be killed. Kill or be killed. He’s huge, and I am losing the element of surprise with each second I wait.

Huge. Strong. His shoulders are broad and heavy, and I can’t keep my eyes from wandering over his defined muscles, can’t stop imagining how his hand would feel if it moved over my hips, my body. In this instant, I can feel my pulse hammering against the insides of my wrists, against my temples. I can feel my skin flush with a desire that I’ve never before known. It’s something so fierce and instinctive that it rattles me to the core.



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An unlikely shifter romance blossoms in the middle of a terrible war...

Bindi can’t stop thinking about the nameless soldier who kissed her and saved her life. She knows that he could never love her if he knew who she truly was—a wolf shifter leading a pack of shifter children. When she gets thrown in prison for stealing rations, she must decide if her freedom is worth telling the truth... and losing Cage in the process.

Cage has vowed to follow orders – that’s what a military captain does. But if the military’s orders are to kill a woman whose only crime is stealing food for her family, maybe it’s time to break a rule or two.

When Cage finally realizes the truth about Bindi, he must search his heart to forgive her. And when his own dark secret comes to light, it will change the way he looks at the world... forever.

When he finally discovers her secret, Cage must decide what’s more important to him – finally avenging his brother, or saving the woman he’s come to love. And Bindi will learn a lesson about humanity...and about love.



His hand is so hot it feels like it’s burning. Almost unconsciously, I lean back into his touch, closing my eyes.

“You feel it too, huh?”

I can only nod my head. His fingers run along my shoulder, across my collarbone. Every place he touches tingles with an electric energy that I can’t understand. The desire in me knots up my chest and stomach. It twists me until I’m burning hot between my thighs.

One of his hands kneads my neck, his fingers massaging the tense muscles there slowly, deeply. My lips fall apart in a silent moan. It feels so good. Is this how it would feel, to have someone love me? To have someone there to protect me, cradle me in his arms?

His other hand is still moving, and I can only let out a small gasp as his fingers slip over my shoulder and run across the top of my chest, pressing lightly against my collarbone. Every touch is electric, and when I close my eyes I can see the shocks as he touches me, the sharp tingle that starts at my skin and runs down deep inside of me.

There. Spikes of pure white energy. They pulse in a soft static fuzz along the places his fingertips drag. They penetrate, moving along my nerves as he strokes me. White fireworks exploding in the sky behind my eyelids. Bright white shocks crashing through my system when he touches me with his thumb on the soft patch of skin behind my ear.

His fingers run up my neck. One finger brushes my earlobe and I shudder with pleasure. He takes my chin in his hand and tilts my head back toward him. I open my eyes and see him watching me with an expression that is predatorial, but, strangely, I don’t feel danger. I can see that he wants me just as much as I want him.
“Bindi.” His voice is raw with desire. “Can I...”

                                                        About the authors:

Aubrey Rose  lives in sunny San Diego, where she likes to lay around in a hammock reading her favorite romances. When she’s not writing steamy stories, she can be found dancing naked in front of the mirror to Abba while her cat watches disdainfully.

Nadia Simonenko is a scientist and author currently living in Pennsylvania with her husband, two cats and a dog. When she isn’t writing, she develops new drug compounds and dreams about someday painting her office to look like a forest.


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