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Promo and Giveaway - Bleu Moon

Title: Bleu Moon (Bleu Series #2)
Author: Caroline Clemens
Genre: Contemporary Literature
Publication Date: August 30, 2013
Publisher: Xlibris
Cover Designed By: Wicked by Design
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This beautiful and compelling story of family and love is surrounded by mystery and intrigue. The blue moon which occurs so infrequently is a picturesque ride to behold by honor and grace as the magnitude of the mission rests upon their shoulders. Olivier continues his Special Forces involvement as he and Brie unite and find out how families come together in a crisis. Do you love Paris? Bleu Moon, the second novel in this duet will take you on a trip through the French countryside and beyond, then back to the streets of Paris with adventure in the city of light and love

About the Author

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia where I live with my husband, son and twin daughters. I'm writing contemporary stories with faraway destinations, such as Paris, and exploring life in this global world right along with my characters. A nurse and outdoor enthusiast for many years, I am now in love with music, movies and the written word. More detailed bio here~

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She lingered on these thoughts as she walked back in the front door to one of the finest chateaus, she presumed, in France. A feeling of grandeur, of old world, of greatness, surrounded her as she walked in the round entryway and headed to the guest check-in. She thought about what everybody needed; it wasn’t about everybody having the same but everybody having the basics and abilities to achieve their dreams and goals. Yes, the basics and, as she looked around, this was beyond the basics. In the center of the foyer was a very tall Christmas tree beautifully decorated
with lights and glass bulbs and, as she looked closer, it had different miniature flags of countries from around the world. Marie had set out garland upon the railings of staircases ascending to the second level. Christmas musical tunes played from speakers seemingly hidden about. Before ascending upstairs, Marie suggested they go to the kitchen, for a drink. She took her to the cooking school kitchen and once inside, it was far different than she remembered. Food was everywhere, supplies and more supplies.
“This will be a busy place the next few weeks. Fortunately for you and me, the cooking classes are making much of our feast and not just beginners or vacationers mind you but the best. Students from schools around France come and do special events as part of their final training, a final test, if you will. In other words, specialists in cake making, French cooking, bread making, etc.; the list goes on and on. About ten students in all will be here right up until the 24th. They are so eager and excited to complete this, as it is a special note on their resume, an achievement, in doing a wedding in the French countryside.”
“I’m overcome, Marie. How special.” Brie was momentarily awestruck.
“I know. It pleases me too. Now, grab your wine. I want to take you someplace very special.”
“Special? . . . Where’s that?” Brie asked.
“Upstairs.” Brie followed Marie up the large staircase, which wound around and ascended to the upper level. The music became louder once they were upstairs. The wooden floor, Olivier had said a dance floor, encompassed the whole second level. She could see rooms at the other end, maybe bedrooms or bathrooms. She gazed at Marie and was rather stunned by all this opulence upstairs. She had not expected it as downstairs seemed minimal and simplistic. Marie held out her hand and put Brie’s hand to her stomach. “More movement I’m afraid.”
“Maybe, we should sit,” Brie offered.
“No, dear, come. Come over to the windows to see.” Marie led Brie to the spectacular view from the second-level windows. One of the most beloved church songs played through the speakers, and the words echoed through Brie’s ears and mind. Fall on your knees . . . oh hear the angels singing . . . oh night divine . . . When Christ was born . . . oh night divine . . . oh night . . . oh night divine . . . Christ is the lord. The row of windows faced the north with a few windows on either side to the east and to the west. The river was beyond the vines and gardens and the small
airstrip was off to the east. The rooms lay to the east and west on either side of the few windows at the far end of the enormous room with the wooden floor. “Do you see?” Marie asked.
A long silence ensued. Brie turned to face Marie after she viewed a painting, on the far west wall. Then she turned away from Marie, and walked slowly toward the large framed painting. A most beautiful woman with a black coral necklace was staring back at her. She studied the painting and nodded her head up and down; yes, this had to be Olivier’s mother, and could it be the necklace that which she owned? Yes, it must be. “Marie, is this my necklace?”

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